Road Work Notice

Road work over the next several weeks
Road Work Notice

Road Work Notice:

Over the next several weeks, you may begin to see work and nighttime road closures at the intersections of Cypress Gardens Blvd / Hwy 17 and Cypress Gardens Blvd / 1st Street. This is an FDOT project to upgrade these intersections. Please refer to the FDOT project website for more information: 

If you have any questions concerning this notice, please contact the FDOT personnel listed on the project site.

Key Points:

  • Road construction work is anticipated to begin in April.

  • Utilities improvement work along the corridor may begin earlier.

  • Road closures are planned for overnight hours only, as much as possible.

  • City staff are in communication and coordination with FDOT to minimize impacts to events at the Fieldhouse and Theatre.

  • This is an FDOT project. Information can be found here:

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